We used to have to scramble to fill appointments at our salon, but that isn’t the case at all after we worked with Abzockeim. The salon ranks on the first page of Google results, and with the online appointment setting software we are now usually booked out several weeks in advance!  Our stylists are thrilled and so are our clients.  Thanks so much!

-Estella, The Tortoise and the Hair Salon and Spa

“I didn’t know what SEO was, much less how it could help my local taxi company, but I wanted to stand apart online.  All I had was a website, but now I have an online presence that is attracting a lot more business types to use our cabs. They love the online booking, and it still makes be grin when I see people get in the car with the taxi app Abzockeim suggested.  I thought it was just some techy thing, but people use it and it’s setting us apart as the coolest cabs in town-just what I wanted!

-Maxwell, City of Trees Taxi Cabs Inc

I didn’t know what to expect when we launched our new website, and was honestly pretty skeptical about how well the virtual agent program could perform and address complex customer questions. All I can say is it’s a godsend!  The software is so customizable that it’s been able to answer all the questions people have asked so far about my local carpet and flooring business.  Wow, I guess I can say I was floored! Use these guys, you’ll make every penny back within the month like we did I am sure.”

-Bob, Bob’s Custom Floors