Ways to Increase the Online Visibility of your Legal Practice

In the past, one would open a phone book when they needed a lawyer nowadays we just do a search online. It is critical for clients to be able to find a lawyer with ease. As a law firm, you need more than just a website to maintain a strong web presence. A dormant website with little or no traffic will not be of any benefit to your legal practice. According to Manhattan legal marketing, actively promoting your legal practice firm online will increase traffic and more clients.

How will your Law firm get noticed online?

Build a reputable brand

The bio pages of most law firm websites are attracting the highest amount of traffic. Clients are more interested in the lawyer and not the firm. Therefore every law firm must have individual lawyers with great personal online brands. Each lawyer must have full details of work history and their LinkedIn Profiles along with a professional photo.

Generate Valuable Content

Draw potential clients to your site by providing useful and valuable content that is informative and interesting. This will set your firm apart from the competition as the most qualified and experienced legal experts.

Use Social Media

Ensure that you have active accounts on all the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. Have your lawyers engage actively with potential clients on social media. Your law firm must have an official LinkedIn page with professional logo, banner, and complete profile. All your lawyers must follow the company page and it must be updated regularly.

Have an official Twitter Page, follow lawyers, clients, and other renowned opinion makers. Engage with clients on your official Facebook page, share links to informative content on your website. Create a Google+ profile and promote your firm by sharing content and joining relevant communities.

Email marketing

Send your contacts regular newsletters with valuable information and direct them to your blog to drive traffic to your website.

Online Marketing

Use Google AdWords and Facebook Ads so that your law firm will be indexed in Google and reach out to clients on Facebook.

Video Content

Your lawyers can create a series of amazing video content on specific interesting topics within their areas of specialization and post them sites such as YouTube. The videos can provide useful tips on how lawyers can help in certain situations connecting deeper with the clients.

Converting leads into clients

It is not enough to simply drive traffic to your site, you need to be able to convert those leads into paying clients. Optimize your site by having a clear call to action on every page, have the option for Live Chat and make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Get your law firm listed in the local directories, take part in local events such as fundraisers, sports, festivals and share the images on social media and link back your website. Your online reputation is critical to the success of your law firm, make use of the available monitoring tools to know what people are saying about your brand. Sign up for Google Analytics to measure the success of your online marketing strategies.

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Importance of SEO in a Local Business

SEO My! 3 Reasons Why Local Business Must Use SEO to Flourish Online

You’ve got a great local business, and just built a website to serve your online customers. It’s beautiful, and boasts all your amazing products and services. You’re online, right?

So why aren’t customers flocking to your new site, and driving your sales up higher as you’d anticipated?

Simply having a website does not a successful local business make.  People need to be able to find your site.  It needs to be the one that turns up when they search.  You must be the best answer possible to the question they input into the great Google machine.

The best step you can take now for the success of your local business (and fancy new website) is to add Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your marketing plans…and here’s why.

It’s here to stay.

SEO involves all the methods used to increase the visitors to your site by achieving a high ranking in search results.  This ranking is important, as it dictates how high up in the search results your site will appear.  The methods are proven, and are in no way antiquated or outdated.

Most people don’t look much further than the first page of results when they’re doing a search, so this is not a practice to ignore.

It works, and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

It’s one of the most cost effective ways to bring in more customers.

When done properly, SEO is one of the most effective and cost friendly forms of online marketing. When sites are well optimized, they will load faster and smoother. The more time a visitor spends on your page, the higher the likelihood they’ll turn into a customer.

SEO is the ultimate lead generator and full blown match maker because it brings you people who are already looking for your products and services.  When you spend the time and money to do it right, you’ll have a steady flow of customers visiting you-and their hands and pocketbooks will already be warm.

It’s absolutely vital if you want to be competitive.

It’s seems simple, but it’s worth saying, again and again. Having a strong online presence is what will propel you ahead of your competition.

Not doing any SEO would be a fatal error, followed closely by not hiring an expert to help make sure you do it correctly. Make the investment, it will be worth it.

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