Using Apps to Drive Customer Loyalty

Do YOU have an app for that? 3 Reasons Your Business Needs An App

If you’re wondering whether your business could benefit from having a mobile app, then you probably already know your answer.

A resounding yes!  Apps are completely customizable, and can be built to your exact specifications to help drive your business and interact with your customers in a meaningful way. There really isn’t any downside to trying one out.  They are inexpensive to have built, easy to use and maintain, and frankly…

They’re fun!

Furthermore, your business can benefit greatly in these 3 ways.

They give you 24/7 access to your customers.

When a customer downloads your app, they have you literally at their fingertips any time of the day. By using push notifications, you can send out valuable information and promotions designed to encourage them to open and use your app to interact with you.

If you’re clever and strategic in when you send your messages and what they contain, you can drive more people to your business-and have them looking forward to what you’re going to send out next.

Apps stealthily create customer loyalty.

Without even knowing it, customers will become loyal fans of your business and consumers of your products and services simply by using your app. The more they interact with you through your business app, the more you’ll stay on their mind when they need your products or services.

Remember that while your app is designed for your business, its intention is to serve your customers.  They’re the ones who will be using it, so make sure you’re delivering what they want, in a way that makes sense for them. Give them great information, send out freebies periodically, and keep your notifications fresh and interesting.

While apps can be created to foster loyalty on the sly, you should also be absolutely overt about providing benefits to the people who are using your business. Apps are a great, fun way to track and deliver rewards or points to your customers, so make sure this is part of what your app does for them (and you’ll reap the rewards while you dole out theirs!)

They help you reach customers you might not otherwise.

A large portion of your existing, already loyal clients will probably use your app, which is awesome in itself.  But by merely having an app available in the marketplace for your business, you’ll gain exposure to many more potential customers you may not have been able to reach in other ways.

People don’t go anywhere without their smart phones, so it’s smart business for you to ensure you’re in their pockets, and not left behind. Help apps help you, and get one going for your business today!

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